Workshops & Training

Workshops & Training

The Francis Company will teach you what you need to know.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY offers customized one-on-one or group training to executive-level managers, creative and marketing personnel and IP or general legal staff for your specific IP strategy and management needs.

We also cover select topics, such as:

Strategic Planning:
Building Your IP Portfolio in a Rapid Growth Environment
Maturing and Strengthening Your IP Portfolio
Realizing Your Ideal Intellectual Property Infrastructure

IP Practice Management:
Realities of IP Practice Management - Balancing and Optimizing Resources in a Difficult Economy
IP Portfolio Management Strategies: Creating Efficiencies, Leveraging Technology and Managing Risk

Professional Staffing/Workload:
IP Process Strategies For The In-House IP Department
Cost Effective Management of a New or Growing IP Practice: Budget, Staff Expertise, Hiring and Retention, Work Load and Day-to-Day Operations Management

Outside Counsel:
Manage Workflow Effectively - The In-House/Outside Counsel Balance: Prioritizing Workload Between In-House and Outside IP Professionals
Effective Management of Outside IP Counsel
Working with Foreign Counsel
Working with In-House Counsel

Asset Maximization:
Leveraging Your Licenses - You Can...It's Not Hard
Maturing and Strengthening Your IP Portfolio

Global Rights Protection Strategies