In-House Solutions

THE FRANCIS COMPANY provides customized advice designed to help you assess how to improve the management of your IP needs based on the size of your business, your overall business strategy, the realities of your staffing and budget challenges.

Depending on the size and sophistication of your business, you may have a general counsel or in-house legal function with no IP experience or with no real time for IP matters. Or, you may rely solely on outside counsel for IP services. Regardless of the scenario, you likely face time and/or budget constraints, or perhaps you are spending too much on outside counsel fees, all resulting in the not paying the appropriate attention to your IP assets.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY is your solution. Once an IP strategy has been outlined, THE FRANCIS COMPANY can act in an outsourcing capacity, assisting you either in establishing a more permanent, efficient in-house IP solution, or until such time as you determine the need for a full-time in-house capability, acting on a part time basis as your in-house IP function or overseeing internal projects for which you need support.