Representative Matters

THE FRANCIS COMPANY professionals have assisted businesses in the following representative IP matters:

Brand Development, Launch and Strategy:

  • Assisted with brand selection and setting clearance policies for small and large businesses and related websites;
  • Established IP strategies and policies in connection with the launch of user-generated content and photo websites, channels, satellite TV platforms and magazines.

See DevelopStrategizeMonetize.

IP Policies and Procedures:

  • Developed and implemented company-specific guides (for internal and external use) for copyright, fair use, brand issues and patent invention procedures;
  • Internet compliance (terms of use and privacy policies);
  • IP education/awareness programs;
    Software development, non-compete, non-disclosure and work for hire policies;
  • On-line content advice for digital rights, privacy and Internet policy issues for satellite and cable television, book, magazine, newspaper publishing, marketing, real estate, fitness and Internet entities.

See ManageStrategize.

Internal Relations/Staff and Workload Management:

  • Implemented culture shift between business and legal personnel, achieving targeted marketing and legal goals and improved quality of IP service by leveraging relationships with business unit executives, CFO, general counsels and creative directors;
  • Assessed workload and projected necessary use of new staff vs. outside counsel assistance.

See Internal RelationsYour Staff/Workload.


  • Developed domestic and multi-country licensing and related royalty strategies;
  • Established licensing templates for broad range of domestic, foreign and multi-country licensing agreements.

See Monetize.

Restructure and Cost Reduction:

  • Established in-house IP department that now services the global IP of a Fortune 100 company and its subsidiaries and joint ventures;
  • Centralized IP portfolios; hired key talent;
  • Implemented management strategies;
  • Decreased outside counsel fees.

See AuditRestructureOutside CounselReduce CostsYour Staff/WorkloadIn-house Solutions.

Sales and Acquisitions:

  • Created and implemented due diligence strategies for a range of sales and acquisitions involving high profile brands and technology;
  • Advised regarding IP representations and warranties for IP heavy transactions.

See Monetize.

Trademark Development, Management and Enforcement:

  • Streamlined trademark clearance, prosecution, enforcement, and related domain name practices across domestic and global business units, resulting in significant reductions in costs and fees;
  • Solidified significantly higher level of brand recognition for valuable, yet arguably generic or descriptive, trademarks;
  • Established and implemented innovative global enforcement strategies.

See DevelopEnforceManageReduce Costs.