Plan. Protect. Profit.


The Francis Company is an intellectual property advisory company.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY enables you to cost-effectively move from simply owning IP to leveraging it towards a tangible, sustainable business advantage.

Founded on deep in-house IP expertise, we provide a comprehensive set of domestic and global, industry-leading IP business and legal strategy services relating to portfolio development, management and internal operations. Our clients include large US and multi-national companies, as well as entrepreneurs and start-ups in various industries. We also assist in the grooming of outside IP counsel to provide the most cost-effective and efficient services possible.

Working with THE FRANCIS COMPANY accelerates your IP agenda in a manner that can’t be achieved alone. You will synchronize your IP strategy, protection and monetization, increasing the value of your IP and advancing your business objectives. Doing so secures a competitive edge for your business, resulting in the highest return on IP investment for the long term.

AND, you will get more done, in less time, for less money. Promise.