Why Use Us?

The Francis Company stands apart from any other IP group.

Today’s business market demands a different approach to be a leader in your industry – moving beyond implementing and improving best practices – into strategic use of IP.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY professionals have years of hands on, in-house business and legal IP expertise. We have enhanced the objectives of business, creative and marketing executives through developing, protecting and maximizing the value of IP domestically and across the globe. Our unique experience enables us to help you to craft the strategic end game for your IP, taking into account a clear understanding of your business realities, marketing goals, legal requirements and portfolio management and budget challenges.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY not only provides a fresh perspective for a refined, competitive IP strategy and subsequent concrete agenda, but we also ensure that you make more informed risk management decisions regarding your IP and better use of your IP budget and staffing resources. In addition, we assist in establishing and streamlining the efficiencies of the necessary collaborations between you and your in-house business and legal personnel, and/or outside counsel and essential vendors.

Most businesses launch and function with little or no vision for their IP, seeking legal assistance before having an appropriate understanding of their IP needs and with no particular IP strategy. THE FRANCIS COMPANY is a critical partner in today’s market. We develop and help you implement cost-effective IP strategies as the key source to meet and exceed your business objectives by assisting executives, managers and IP business and legal professionals in the development, protection and monetization of their IP with the strategic goal of increasing value and achieving a sustainable advantage over competitors.

Finally, THE FRANCIS COMPANY has as its foundation the values of its founder Michelle Francis – integrity, clear communication and keeping our word.