Entrepreneurs & Startups

THE FRANCIS COMPANY assists you in properly projecting what basic work must be done in order to select, develop, manage, protect and leverage your IP from the get go. If handled properly, you will avoid start up and early business pitfalls, saving precious time and money.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY can advise and assist you with:

  • Prioritization
  • Comprehensive, yet cost-effective solutions to early stage IP development and management;
  • Developing or acquiring strategic new IP portfolios;
  • Establishing IP enforcement and risk assessment policies;
  • Organizational and workload management issues;
  • Assessing effectiveness of having an in-house IP operation vs. outsourcing;
  • Establishment of your in-house IP operation and use of relevant technologies, and cost effective and efficient reliance on outside counsel; and,
  • Developing IP licensing, alliances and other IP monetization strategies.