THE FRANCIS COMPANY professionals have extensive experience in setting up, revamping, monitoring and executing enforcement strategies in the U.S. and around the globe to help you avoid expensive claims and litigation that may damage your IP rights. With our guidance, you will proactively develop and implement appropriate enforcement strategies and procedures that are both suitable and affordable.

If your rights are already being infringed, THE FRANCIS COMPANY guides you through a careful assessment of the alleged infringement, addressing issues such as the identity and sophistication of the infringers, the seriousness and the extent of the infringement and the impact it may have on your business in the short and long term. We will subsequently match you with the appropriate outside IP counsel to ensure the effective management of your enforcement efforts and if needed help manage outside work and costs.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY effectively adds value to your IP by assisting in the development and execution of strategies designed to protect your IP as completely as possible. We educate you on the best combination of enforcement strategies, appropriate supportive technologies, watch services, vendors and law firms.