THE FRANCIS COMPANY assists in developing and targeting your IP monetization strategy, as appropriate monetization strategies play a key role in the start of a new business or in the expansion of an existing business to new markets or new platforms. Such a strategy can make or break the creation or expansion of a product line, improvement of the quality of goods or services, or distribution of products, services or content over the Internet.

From licensing to securitization to forming an IP holding company and other possible monetization models, your IP’s value can be enhanced while reducing costs but increasing revenues. We take into consideration the collective business objectives of your product and service launch, licensing strategies and distribution channels with an understanding of the complexities of developing, managing, leveraging and even disposing of IP assets.

With THE FRANCIS COMPANY guidance, you craft the appropriate direction for your monetization program, supported by strategic alliances, restructured ownership, licensing and other monetization models using the most advantageous practices for your desired objectives, royalty ranges, deal points and geographic considerations. You will leverage your IP portfolio to maximize the value of and return on your IP to ensure that your assets are fully exploited.