THE FRANCIS COMPANY provides customized IP advice and support designed to help you assess how to better handle your IP needs based on the size and geographic breadth of your business, your overall business strategy and the realities of your staffing and budget challenges.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY can advise and assist you with:

  • Developing strategic new IP portfolios;
  • Establishing IP enforcement and risk assessment policies;
  • Cost effective strategy and the refocusing of your existing IP portfolio;
  • Optimizing IP management processes for your existing IP portfolio;
  • Organizational and workload assessment and management issues;
  • Developing strategic IP licensing, alliances and other IP monetization strategies;
  • Forming or solidifying high-level corporate IP departments;
  • Restructuring/streamlining the outsourcing of your IP function;
  • Establishing or restructuring your internal IP function and operations;
  • Restructuring/streamlining use of outside IP counsel for efficiency and cost-effectiveness; and,
  • Refining your internal IP professional business and creative executive relations.