THE FRANCIS COMPANY’s exposure to numerous business models and related IP portfolios uniquely positions us to swiftly and succinctly guide your efforts to rethink and overhaul your current IP structure, budget and related business objectives.

Depending on your company’s growth structure, culture and business philosophy, you may be able to achieve more cost-effective and improved management if your IP portfolio is centralized versus de-centralized. You may need to consider the best way to handle newly acquired IP assets that have taken your interests into the global market. Your budget, professional IP staff and use of outside domestic and foreign counsel may need adjustment due to a down economy. A sale or acquisition may require a restructuring of the totality of your IP management system. You may not be leveraging your IP through the most effective enforcement program or you may benefit from a more strategic licensing program.

The ability to fully maximize your company’s IP function while maintaining an appropriate budget is an attainable goal and essential part of the health of your portfolio and its long-term success. Accomplishing this balance requires taking a good, hard look at your systems and staff, strategy and structure, the breadth of your current IP assets, which of your business units are being serviced by your IP professionals or outside counsel and how well, and how a tight budget is effecting the long term strength of your portfolio.