Reduce Costs

Informed IP planning and implementation of well-thought out and well-executed strategies result in cost savings.

The professionals of THE FRANCIS COMPANY have assisted a variety of businesses with the development and management of their IP budgets as matched appropriately against their business objectives. We outline and execute project priorities, assess the need for technology assistance, determine appropriate staffing for the highest priorities and special projects, as well as for routine workload realities and the appropriate use of qualified outside counsel.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY’S experienced hand helps you review and adjust IP development, management and enforcement strategies and staff, measure costs, implement cost cutting directives and follow through with such actions with a long-term view. Whether you are a start-up or a major corporation, a delicate balance must be struck among business objectives, workload, size of in-house staff, if any, use of outside counsel, if any, the quality of services provided by both and, the strategy at hand, all within an appropriate budget.