Your Staff/Workload

THE FRANCIS COMPANY professionals have moved in-house IP functions out of chaos and into a refined system of effective portfolio management and project execution with well managed, appropriate staffing and manageable workloads.

We will rapidly assess your current workload and related processes, the size and expertise of your IP professionals, their work ethic and morale. We will then outline a plan for (1) implementation of sustained tools and procedures to maximize your internal IP expertise, and (2) establishment of appropriate practices for workload allocation, staff refinement, efficient delegation structure and practices, reporting relationships, as well as staff retention, salary efficiency and/or effective and efficient use and oversight of outside vendors and counsel.

A successful business model can’t ignore the fact that the lack of sufficient or experienced staff, an overwhelming workload and/or shrinking IP budget will be detrimental to your IP portfolio. The failure to attend to your IP and its responsible professionals appropriately can result in missed opportunities, increased infringement risks and possibly irreparable damage to the value of your IP.