Domain Names & Internet

The continued evolution of the Internet engenders a myriad of domain name and other Internet related IP issues involving your domain names, trademarks, copyrights and unfair competition. A domain name is a way by which a person or company can uniquely identify itself on the Internet and is the equivalent of registering a company name in a company name registry. Once registered, no one else can use that domain name on the Internet. It is the fundamental foundation of your web presence and the base from which you develop your reputation online.

  • Have you built a brand or company name around a collection of words for which a third party owns the domain name?
  • Have you considered how your selection of domain names and website content directly influence your business strategy?
  • Have you synchronized your domain names with your brands?
  • Are you losing website traffic to another website because their domain name is substantially similar to yours?
  • Is someone using your copyrights or trademarks on the Internet, and if so, do you have a policy to enforce your rights?
  • Have you filed appropriate gTLD and ccTLDs to secure your brands before announcing a new business or product launch?
  • Have you considered selling domain names that you are no longer using?

THE FRANCIS COMPANY advises you regarding these domain name and other Internet issues to ensure the most effective registration, management and protection of your Internet assets.