Executors often have the responsibility of managing and protecting a valued set of IP assets, yet in many cases have little experience with how to do so. Before taking on new commitments or addressing potential problematic legal issues, it’s quite important to gain a comprehensive understanding of the detailed specifics of the past, current and potential future projects and opportunities for the estate’s portfolio, related legal issues and sale and licensing opportunities. This aggregated approach, executed by the right set of professionals, places the estate in a much more solid position to move forward with the appropriate strategies in a more reasoned, efficient and cost-effective manner with a longer-term view. Failing to do so may cause damage to the value and strength of the estate’s IP.

THE FRANCIS COMPANY can advise and assist you with:

  • Auditing the estate’s IP portfolio and the wisdom of past and current commitments;
  • Outlining a strategy for the estate’s IP based on the totality of the assets;
  • Maximizing the estate’s IP portfolio’s value through strategic IP licensing, alliances and other IP monetization;
  • Managing the estate’s IP portfolio in a cost effective and efficient manner;
  • Establishing IP enforcement strategies and risk assessment policies;
  • Selecting, retaining and overseeing appropriate professionals, as needed; and
  • Assessing and implementing appropriate workload management strategies.