Copyright can be a part of any IP portfolio. It does not protect ideas and information, but instead protects any original expressible form of an idea or information that is substantive and discrete and fixed in a medium. Copyright may apply to a wide range of creative, intellectual, scientific or artistic forms or works such as books, blogs, paintings, newspapers, magazines, sculptures, theatrical or screen plays, movies, documentaries, dances, sheet music, audio recordings, drawings, design elements, photographs, software, radio, television and Internet broadcasts.

  • Do you know what protections you gain by registering your copyrighted works in the US federally or internationally?
  • Do you understand “fair use”?
  • Do you monitor employees’ use of third party copyrighted materials?
  • Do you have a policy on the use of copyrighted or open source software?
  • Are your employees creating original works?
  • Should those original works be owned by your company-are they “works made for hire”?
  • Are you protecting the copyright of your website content or is it being infringed?
  • Have you taken steps to minimize your liability to third parties for any non-original content posted on your site?

THE FRANCIS COMPANY advises you regarding these copyright issues and more to protect your rights, license your works to strengthen your portfolio and generate revenue.